Tips for Entrepreneurs: Doing Business Under a Fictitious Business Name

Is your business name “fictitious”?  While the term “fictitious business name” may sound fishy, it actually is a legal term defined by the California Business and Professions Code.  The terms “fictitious business name” and “DBA” (an acronym for “doing business as…”) are often used interchangeably, but California code uses the term “fictitious business name,” so we will, too.

Landlord Tenant Law: Subleases

Situations can arise where a renter who has entered into a written lease agreement for a fixed period of time needs to move out (even if only temporarily) before the lease term has ended.   Maybe the tenant got a new job suddenly and needs to relocate.  Maybe the tenant knows he or she won’t be able to make rent payments anymore and wants to avoid an eviction on their record.  Maybe the tenant is a college student and plans on going home for the summer but wants to return again in fall.

Partnership Agreements for California Partnerships

Partnership Agreements for California Partnerships

Complex Real Estate Market Leads to Increase in Legal Disputes

Legal disputes stemming from residential real estate transactions are on the rise, largely due to the increase in short sales and foreclosures.  In regards to short sales, some sellers are taking legal action against their own real estate agents, alleging that they misrepresented or failed to disclose the possible loan deficiency amount owed to a lender (usually a “2nd”) and/or tax obligations.

Tricks of the Trade, Part 2: Trade Secrets and Inevitable Disclosure in California

A few weeks ago, we posted an article geared towards entrepreneurs who are striking it out on their own with a new business venture.  We provided some tips on how to make sure you leave behind all files and documents that your former employer might classify as “trade secrets” to avoid misappropriation allegations, but closed the article by acknowledging the impossibility of leaving a workplace with a spotless mind.   Let’s discuss a few of these “intangible” types of trade secrets that might seem impossible to physically leave behind.

Tips for Entrepreneurs: Hiring Employees in California

Congratulations!  Your business is expanding, work is pouring in and you think it’s time to hire someone to help you handle it all.  When it’s time to hire your first employee, it’s important to do everything “by the book” instead of “under the table.”  Here’s a quick list of some of the important considerations and requirements for hiring employees:


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