5 Signs a Nuisance Property is Appropriate for Receivership

A nuisance property is a problem for neighborhoods, including both the closest neighbors and the community as a whole.

El Centro Mayan Hotel Receivership Project

To keep our communities safe, the California court system frequently uses the receivership remedy to address public health dangers.

Unique Receivership Projects: How the Receivership Remedy Addressed a California Church Dispute

The receivership remedy can be used for more than just resolving property disputes between two parties. Rather, it can be applied to any legal dispute when two parties are at odds over the control, use, or ownership of any asset.

The Health and Safety Receivership Process

The Health & Safety Receivership remedy is available to communities in California that have a goal of eliminating substandard, abandoned, and nuisance properties. More specifically, this receivership solution is utilized when these properties pose a health and safety risk to individuals in the community, or perhaps even the community at large.

Red Griswold's Successful Completion of San Diego Hoarder Receivership

The local CBS 8 San Diego news aired a story on the successful completion of one our recent hoarder receiverships (link to news story). This property posed many challenges, but in the end, the property was cleared out and rehabilitated and is now in productive use by a new owner.
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