Distressed Properties: 5 Clear Signs

Do you have concerns about a property in your neighborhood that seems to be deteriorating? Are you a city official who is trying to address dangerous properties in your town? Or perhaps you are an attorney representing a community that is trying to take care of distressed properties. There are clear signs that a property may be considered “distressed,” and there are many stakeholders who are concerned about these properties. If you are one of those concerned parties, this article will help you recognize the signs of a distressed property and how to address them.

5 Signs a Nuisance Property is Appropriate for Receivership

A nuisance property is a problem for neighborhoods, including both the closest neighbors and the community as a whole.

When is Demolition the Right Choice?

Abandoned and blighted properties are a difficult reality for countless communities. If these problem properties are not dealt with quickly, they can become a perfect environment for criminal behavior, health risks, nuisance animals and pests, and fire.

Crime & Abandoned Properties

Everyone knows that abandoned properties are an eyesore, but they can be much worse than that. There is a difference between aesthetic and safety concerns when it comes to abandoned properties.

Dealing with an Abandoned Property When the Owner Is Deceased

The story of an abandoned property does not always start with the owner of the property packing up and walking away. Often, these properties belonged to someone who is now deceased and next of kin either can’t be found or doesn’t exist.

Mitigate Fire Risk Conditions on Nuisance Properties

The foreclosure crisis that affected the entire nation during the economic downturn in 2007 - 2009 created another crisis – an urban landscape filled with vacant and abandoned properties.
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