Partition Remedy: What is the process?

As an experienced partition referee, Griswold Law has seen all sides of partition cases. We often receive calls from attorneys initiating partition suits, looking to le...

California Health & Safety Receiverships: Addressing Abandoned Substandard Properties

Health & Safety Receiverships are a valuable tool to reestablish abandoned properties. There are countless vacant lots and abandoned structures across California with no apparent useful purpose...

Partition of Real Property in California: Appointment of a Partition Referee

By Neil Sheaffer

What is a Health and Safety Receivership?

A Health and Safety Receivership is an effective legal remedy under California law that facilitates the reestablishment of substandard properties, which include properties that show problems of hoa...

Health and Safety Receivership: Receiver’s Oath and Bond

Health and Safety Receiverships can successfully rehabilitate distressed properties within a community. A receivership is a legal and equitable remedy that allows for the possession and control of ...

Receivership Remedy: Securing Vacant Properties

Health & Safety Receiverships are an effective tool to restore vacant properties. There are many vacant residential and industrial properties across California that are half-built or abandoned ...


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