Griswold Law: Court-Appointed Referees for Real Estate Partition Sale

Imagine this — three siblings have recently inherited their childhood home. It’s a massive asset, and they want to make sure they honor their parents’ wishes and use the value of the home for the betterment of themselves and their families.

Partition Remedy: What is the process?

As an experienced partition referee, Griswold Law has seen all sides of partition cases. We often receive calls from attorneys initiating partition suits, looking to learn the proper procedure -- or even where to begin. 

Health & Safety Receiverships: Addressing Abandoned Substandard Properties

Health & Safety Receiverships are a valuable tool to reestablish abandoned properties. There are countless vacant lots and abandoned structures across California with no apparent useful purpose. There are just as many countless explanations as to why these commercial and residential properties are abandoned. Abandonment can come at the hands of death (tenant or otherwise), a business or personal relationship gone sour, defunct or bankrupt owners, or simply by owner’s choice. Regardless, the deserted property will likely succumb to disrepair, and as a result, leave behind quite the eyesore for the surrounding community. Beyond the displeasing aesthetic, vacant properties also pose a rather significant danger to the health, safety and welfare of the neighborhood as a whole. Unsecured properties intrinsically create dangers ranging from the deteriorating structure itself to the higher crime rates tied to the vacant property. From a crime perspective, vacant properties often welcome trash dumping, graffiti, vandalism and trespassing. Further, threats arise from overgrown vegetation causing fire-hazards and vermin infestation spreading throughout the neighborhood affecting surrounding residents and businesses. Ultimately, conditions such as these result in neighborhood decline and a drop in surrounding property values. A court-appointed Health & Safety Receiver can provide the remedy abandoned properties and their surrounding neighbors truly need.

Partition of Property in California: Appointing of a Partition Referee

By Neil Sheaffer

What is a Health and Safety Receivership?

A Health and Safety Receivership is an effective legal remedy under California law that facilitates the reestablishment of substandard properties, which include properties that show problems of hoarding, drug/slum activity, fire or water damage, unpermitted construction or habitation, or properties that have been abandoned. There are many substandard properties across California that are clearly neglected and/or vacant with no useful purpose. These properties are an eyesore to the public and can be a danger to the health, safety and welfare of the surrounding community. Health and Safety Receiverships can reduce the number of substandard properties and demonstrates to the community that the city or county is taking steps to rehabilitate problem properties.

Health and Safety Receivership: Receiver’s Oath and Bond

Health and Safety Receiverships can successfully rehabilitate distressed properties within a community. A receivership is a legal and equitable remedy that allows for the possession and control of property by an unbiased third party referred to as a Court Appointed Receiver. A Court Appointed Receiver is a neutral third party appointed by the Court to take temporary control over substandard properties that are subject to a lawsuit. A receiver is not an advocate for any party but instead is an advocate for the court to protect and preserve the property. Once the court appoints a receiver, the property is under the direct control of the court through the receiver. A receiver’s authority is derived directly from the appointing court. The receiver is responsible for the general repairs and maintenance to the property and for ensuring that the property is brought into compliance with State and local codes.


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