California Receivership Remedy: How a Receivership is Different from Bankruptcy

Receivership and bankruptcy are two legal options used to address business financial distress, but they are different in their nature, purpose, and scope.

The FDIC & Silicon Valley Bank: What Are Bank Receiverships?

A bank receivership was implemented in the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, which has been an important topic of conversation since early March. That is when the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (CA DFPI) took possession of SVB and closed it.

What is a Rents and Profits Receiver and When is One Needed?

When a property involves a deed of trust or mortgage, a rents and profits receivership may be needed for legal enforcement.

What Is a Distressed Business and How a Receivership Can Help

A failing business can be categorized as a distressed business when it is unable to fulfill its debt obligations to its creditors. Common causes of insolvency include high fixed costs, revenue that has been affected by economic fluctuations, partnership disputes and illiquid assets.
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