A Deeper Look at What Happens during Receiverships in California

It’s one thing to know that court-appointed receivers are an important resource that the courts can use to address abandoned, blighted, and dangerous properties in the community. It’s another to understand how that happens. 

Richardson “Red” Griswold and his team have been appointed over 200 times across 22 different counties by the California courts to address different kinds of properties and businesses. Sometimes, it is as simple as stepping in when there is an unresolvable business conflict between disputing partners. Other times, it is as complex as relocating dozens of people and restoring safety to dangerous multi-building properties in California’s neighborhoods. 

A court-appointed receiver is an individual who is appointed by the courts to serve as a neutral third party to execute the orders of a court. 

One of Griswold Law’s focus areas is property receiverships in California, including: 

Our firm has vast experience with many types of property receiverships in the state of California. We are one of California's long-standing and reliable court-appointed receivership firms, and we are proud of our track record of successful resolutions. 

We would like to share some of our receivership success stories. In each of our case studies, you can learn more about the properties we controlled, how we addressed the problems, and the outcome.

Americana Lodge

Property type: Motel
Receivership type: Motel Receivership; Health and Safety receivership
Location: Redding, CA

The dilapidated Americana Lodge Motel in Redding, CA had become a dangerous nuisance property with multiple health code violations. When Mr. Griswold was appointed as receiver, one of the first things he did was to hire inspectors to determine the extent of the damage to the building. The renovation costs would have exceeded $1.5 million, so he took steps to sell the property to an investor who would manage a complete transformation into a thriving business. 

During the receivership process, Mr. Griswold and his team interviewed the occupants, secured relocation assistance to help them move, and facilitated the shutdown of the motel.

The Americana Lodge receivership eliminated a dangerous nuisance property and paved the way for a revived hotel that contributes positively to the Redding, CA neighborhood. 

View the full Americana Lodge case study here.


Garden Grove Presidio Project

Property type: Single-family home
Receivership type: Health and Safety receivership
Location: Garden Grove, CA

A vacant, deteriorating home in Garden Grove had accumulated countless code violations and become a nuisance to the neighborhood. After inspecting the property, Mr. Griswold oversaw critical repairs, including repairs to the windows and plumbing. The team at Griswold Law also facilitated the removal of debris and the elimination of pests. 

Although the violations were corrected, the owner was still unresponsive. Therefore, Griswold got court approval to list the property for sale. Instead of selling a run-down single-family home full of code violations, the property was now a sellable one. 

View the full Garden Grove Presidio case study here.


Mesa Hills Project

Property type: Single-family home
Receivership type: Health and Safety receivership
Location: San Diego, CA

In an unfortunate development, a resident of San Diego suffered from mental health issues that led to extreme hoarding at their Mesa Hills property. Hazardous conditions were found throughout the property, both inside and outside. 

Upon being appointed by the courts, one of Mr. Griswold’s first actions was to coordinate the temporary relocation of the occupant. That allowed the occupant to be in a safe environment while the Griswold Law team oversaw the rest of the project: removing waste from the home, cleaning out and repairing the property as needed, and addressing egress issues.  

This was an extensive rehabilitation project that ended with the elimination of blight on a property, thus improving the community’s health and safety. Additionally, the property was now safe for the occupant to return to their home. 

View the full Mesa Hills Project case study here.


Receiverships in California are an important part of addressing health and safety concerns 

If you are worried about a property in your community, or you represent a client seeking to address a nuisance or blighted property, reach out to Griswold Law to find out how we can help. 

We offer a free consultation to answer your questions and help you determine the right next steps. Contact us to learn more and schedule your consultation.

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