The FDIC & Silicon Valley Bank: What Are Bank Receiverships?

A bank receivership was implemented in the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, which has been an important topic of conversation since early March. That is when the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (CA DFPI) took possession of SVB and closed it.

What is a Rents and Profits Receiver and When is One Needed?

When a property involves a deed of trust or mortgage, a rents and profits receivership may be needed for legal enforcement.

5 Signs a Nuisance Property is Appropriate for Receivership

A nuisance property is a problem for neighborhoods, including both the closest neighbors and the community as a whole.

El Centro Mayan Hotel Receivership Project

To keep our communities safe, the California court system frequently uses the receivership remedy to address public health dangers.

5 Common Types of Receiverships

The receivership remedy is a powerful remedy to address legal conflicts. A receiver acts at the direction of a court and steps in to manage situations often rife with conflict and tension. The receivership remedy can address health and safety violations, business disputes, divorce proceedings, and more.

3 Tips for Identifying the Right Court-Appointed Receiver

Under normal circumstances, no one would choose to be involved in a legal conflict that has to be decided by the courts. However, situations arise all the time that require court involvement.
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