Post-Judgment Receivership's in California

Hooray a judgment as been entered! However, the battle is not over yet. Now the phase of enforcing and collecting on that judgment begins. In many cases, a judgement debtor will never willingly sat...

Back in the Saddle: New Legal Articles

Time sure does fly.  Here at Griswold Law (and in life), things have been quite busy.  I was unpleasantly surprised to realize it has been close to a year since the last article.  My...

Employer Retaliaton against Employee: California Employment Law

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word "retaliate" as "to repay (as an injury) in kind; to get revenge."

Sexual Harassment in the California Workplace

Unfortunately, sexual harassment remains prevalent in workplaces across California.  Bringing an action against an employer/supervisor based on harassing conduct typically comes in two forms:<...

The Trial is Over...You Won...The Defendant Has to Pay...Right??

I just concluded a three-day jury trial a couple months ago.  My client was the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace.  After over a year of litigation, we took our case to trial.&...

Confidentiality Agreements: Protecting Business Owners in San Diego

While non-compete agreements are generally unenforceable in California, an employer can restrict an employee from utilizing, stealing, disclosing or compromising the employer’s trade secrets, data,...


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