Using Receivership Remedy to Hold Negligent Landlords Accountable

In a perfect world, every single landlord would provide a safe, clean, and habitable rental property to their tenants. Unfortunately, our world is not perfect, and some landlords take advantage of their tenants, behave unethically, or are negligent when it comes to adequately caring for their properties and tenants. 

Substandard Housing Affects Your Entire Community

Substandard housing is a growing issue. It’s estimated that 330 million urban households worldwide live in substandard housing. In the United States alone there are about six million homes and apartment buildings listed as substandard, and the problem isn’t going away any time soon. 

Landlord Tenant Law: Lease Assignments

We recently posted an article about subleases, and how this may be a remedy for renters who need help paying the rent, or need to move out of their rental unit temporarily but plan on coming back.  However, if a tenant who has entered into a written lease agreement for a fixed period of time needs to move out PERMANENTLY before the lease term ends, they would be better off executing an assignment of the lease.  This can be an issue with residential or commercial leases.

Landlord Tenant Law: Subleases

Situations can arise where a renter who has entered into a written lease agreement for a fixed period of time needs to move out (even if only temporarily) before the lease term has ended.   Maybe the tenant got a new job suddenly and needs to relocate.  Maybe the tenant knows he or she won’t be able to make rent payments anymore and wants to avoid an eviction on their record.  Maybe the tenant is a college student and plans on going home for the summer but wants to return again in fall.

Security Deposits, Part IV – Options if the landlord refuses to return the deposit

Our final blog post in the series on security deposits will discuss a tenant’s options if he or she feels their landlord is wrongfully deducting or withholding the security deposit after move-out.

Security Deposits, Part III: The Return of the Security Deposit

In our last article in this series, we provided some recommendations for what a tenant should look for in a rental unit before the rental period begins.  Now let’s focus on what happens when it’s time for the security deposit to be returned.


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