Community Approaches to Code Enforcement

Guest author Pete Roque of 4 Leaf Inc explains how different communities structure their code enforcement team into different divisions. Code enforcement is a great way to ensure that your community is not overtaken (or ruined) by unsightly buildings, houses, activities, or businesses.

Ways to Encourage Support & Safety for Code Enforcement Officers

Guest blogger, Michael Halpern of MuniReg LLC explains how inadequate resources can negatively impact code enforcement officials. Regardless of setting, a fresh set of eyes or an outside perspective is often needed to address lingering issues. Municipal governments are not immune to these challenges. One such area centers around the work of code enforcement officials.

Code Enforcement: Safety Issues

Code enforcement officers face more and more difficult situations when it comes to carrying out their responsibilities. Unfortunately, the job of code enforcement comes with a lot of risks, which leaves officers feeling overwhelmed and stressed.
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