Receiver Richardson Griswold Appointed by Court to Take Control of Strip Mall

We were recently appointed by the San Diego County Superior Court to take control of an abandoned/nuisance strip mall in Lemon Grove, California.

San Diego Utilizes Receivership Remedy After All Other Options Fail

The City of San Diego successfully utilizes the health & safety receivership remedy for its most challenging substandard properties. San Diego KGTV 10News recently aired a story on how the City of San Diego approaches hoarding and other severe conditions within its communities. Receiver Red Griswold provides his insight and experience regarding the role of a receivership and how the remedy can resolve dangerous situations.

The Receivership Solution to Hoarding

At Griswold Law, we are exposed to challenging hoarding conditions on a daily basis. It is our job as the court-appointed health & safety receiver to remedy the effects of extreme hoarding at residential properties across the State of California.

Court-Appointed Partition Referee Richardson "Red" Griswold Finalizes Court-Authorized Sale of Downtown San Diego Luxury Condo Property

Partition Referee Richardson "Red" Griswold was appointed by the San Diego County Superior Court in June 2017 to take control of a downtown San Diego luxury condo unit that was the subject of a dispute between co-owners. After resolving occupancy issues, the property was listed and marketed by Mr. Griswold's court-approved real estate broker. As the Court's partition referee, Mr. Griswold acted as the "seller" in the transaction. Escrow closed in January 2018 and Mr. Griswold is currently analyzing the final funds distribution between the record owners.

Helping a Veteran Live the Life He Deserves

Before Griswold Law Begins Rehabilitation of the Property

Partition Referee Richardson "Red" Griswold Completes Court-Ordered Sale of Laguna Beach Property for $5.42M

Partition Referee Richardson "Red" Griswold completed a long and complicated sale of an oceanfront multi-unit property in Laguna Beach for approximately $5.42M. Mr. Griswold was appointed by the Orange County Superior Court in November 2013 to act as the court-authorized seller in the transaction. Due to the unique nature of the property and its "historical" aspects, the process was fragile. In the end, the objective was reached and the partition referee duties were carried out in full to the satisfaction of all involved.
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