Receiver Richardson Griswold Appointed by Court to Take Control of Strip Mall

We were recently appointed by the San Diego County Superior Court to take control of an abandoned/nuisance strip mall in Lemon Grove, California.

City of San Diego Utilizing Receivership Remedy After All Other Options Fail

The City of San Diego successfully utilizes the health & safety receivership remedy for its most challenging substandard properties. San Diego KGTV 10News recently aired a

How can the California Health & Safety Receivership Remedy Help Address a Nuisance Property?

We developed a series of videos to address frequently asked questions about how the appointment of a health and safety receiver in California cities can address problem properties, whether they are...

The Receivership Solution to Hoarding

Receivership Solution to Hoarding

Court-Appointed Partition Referee Richardson "Red" Griswold Finalizes Court-Authorized Sale of Downtown San Diego Luxury Condo Property

Partition Referee Richardson "Red" Griswold was appointed by the San Diego County Superior Court in June 2017 to take control of a downtown San Diego luxury condo unit that was the subject of a dis...

Helping a Veteran Live the Life He Deserves

Rancho Cucamonga Hous...


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