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Rancho Cucamonga House Before Before Griswold Law Begins Rehabilitation of the Property

Richardson “Red” Griswold was appointed by the San Bernardino County Superior Court to take control of a single-family property in Rancho Cucamonga. The property suffered severe fire damage in recent years and is generally dilapidated. The City of Rancho Cucamonga has attempted to work with the elderly property owner for years to achieve compliance. Recently, the City determined that having the Court appoint a receiver to direct the rehabilitation of the property and tend to the property owner’s challenges was the best approach.

The property owner is a military veteran and long-time resident of Rancho Cucamonga. From the outset, the City has desired the rehabilitation of the property to allow for the owner to safely live out his years in his own home. At the urging of Mr. Griswold, the City contacted Habitat for Humanity to explore options and programs to tackle the rehabilitation project in the most cost-efficient manner. The City was put in touch with Pomona Valley Habitat for Humanity, Inc. The local Habitat for Humanity team has a specific focus on ensuring military veterans are given the assistance they need to live safely in their homes. Habitat for Humanity is excited about this project and has already tapped many of its local partners and vendors for donated building materials, pro bono or drastically-reduced labor commitments from several subcontractors and coordination of volunteer groups to assist with the clean-up effort at the property.

As the receiver, Mr. Griswold will supervise and coordinate this team effort. Over the coming months, this receivership anticipates a complete transformation of the property, ultimately leading to the property owner moving back into a fully-rehabilitated property to live out his years safely and comfortably in his own home.

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