Common Reasons to Consider a Receiver

Court-appointed receivers are a valuable asset to the California court system. Litigants in a variety of legal conflicts may benefit from the appointment of a receiver. But first, parties must determine whether the receivership remedy is appropriate under the circumstances. Because receivers are responsible for carrying out the orders of the court, their role is incredibly valuable to litigants and their attorneys who are worried about uncooperative, absent, or non-compliant parties and stakeholders. It is much more common for a plaintiff to request a receiver than a defendant, but there are times when a defendant may choose to request the appointment of a receiver. Sometimes, neither party requests a receiver, but the judge appoints one anyway.

How the Appointment of a Receiver Can Help a Distressed Business

Unfortunately, out of the 4.2 million small businesses in California, there are numerous closures every year. Businesses fail, corporations go into bankruptcy, and many Californians are left trying to figure out how to weather the storm.

How Can a Court-Appointed Receiver Assist with Extreme Hoarding

Hoarding is a serious condition that affects millions of families in America. The effects of extreme hoarding can be heartbreaking and devastating. In these extreme situations, the courts may get involved.

El Centro Mayan Hotel Receivership Project

To keep our communities safe, the California court system frequently uses the receivership remedy to address public health dangers.

Unique Receivership Projects: How the Receivership Remedy Addressed a California Church Dispute

The receivership remedy can be used for more than just resolving property disputes between two parties. Rather, it can be applied to any legal dispute when two parties are at odds over the control, use, or ownership of any asset.

5 Common Types of Receiverships

The receivership remedy is a powerful remedy to address legal conflicts. A receiver acts at the direction of a court and steps in to manage situations often rife with conflict and tension. The receivership remedy can address health and safety violations, business disputes, divorce proceedings, and more.
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