Sale of Nuisance Property: Procedure for Court-Ordered Receivership Sale

Receivers are often appointed by courts to revitalize and potentially oversee the sale of nuisance properties. What Is a Nuisance Property? Nuisance properties are those that are in some form of distress due to being neglected or abandoned. These properties often present health and safety concerns, code violations, and even neighborhood blight. Signs of a nuisance property can include: Abandonment Severe disrepair Dilapidation Safety code violations Criminal activity

What is a Court-Appointed Partition Referee?

Court-Appointed Partition Referees and Post-Judgment Receiverships Business relationships sour, married couples split up, and family members can’t agree on what to do about a property they share. When these situations can’t be resolved through other means, the courts may appoint a partition referee.

Using a City Receivership Program for an Abandoned Property

It is in the best interest of every municipality in California to address the blighted, abandoned, and dangerous properties that damage property values and create risks for the entire community. This is where a city receivership program comes in and can be highly beneficial for improving such situations.

California Health & Safety Receiverships:  Section 17980.7(c)  What Your Need to Know about the Pre-Petition Notice Requirements for Cities and Counties

For years, California’s cities and counties have faced a conundrum when attempting to have a receiver appointed for substandard properties. Previously, the California Health and Safety Code § 17980.7(c) required an enforcement agency to provide a “3 Day Notice” to any property owner that they were going to petition the court for the appointment of a receiver.

Common Reasons to Consider a Receiver

Court-appointed receivers are a valuable asset to the California court system. Litigants in a variety of legal conflicts may benefit from the appointment of a receiver. But first, parties must determine whether the receivership remedy is appropriate under the circumstances. Because receivers are responsible for carrying out the orders of the court, their role is incredibly valuable to litigants and their attorneys who are worried about uncooperative, absent, or non-compliant parties and stakeholders.

How the Appointment of a Receiver Can Help a Distressed Business

Unfortunately, out of the 4.2 million small businesses in California, there are numerous closures every year. Businesses fail, corporations go into bankruptcy, and many Californians are left trying to figure out how to weather the storm.
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