What is Neighborhood Blight?

How Restaurant Receivers Resolve Investment Conflicts and Restaurant Failure

Introduction to Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors

How the Appointment of a Receiver Can Help a Distressed Business

What Receivers Need to Know About Cryptocurrency

How to Address a Nuisance Property

How Can a Court-Appointed Receiver Assist with Extreme Hoarding

California Receivership Remedy: How a Receivership is Different from Bankruptcy

The FDIC & Silicon Valley Bank: What Are Bank Receiverships?

What is a Rents and Profits Receiver and When is One Needed?

What Is a Distressed Business and How a Receivership Can Help

5 Signs a Nuisance Property is Appropriate for Receivership

When is a Partition Referee Necessary?

El Centro Mayan Hotel Receivership Project

Unique Receivership Projects: How the Receivership Remedy Addressed a California Church Dispute

5 Common Types of Receiverships

3 Tips for Identifying the Right Court-Appointed Receiver

After the Property is Sold: The Accounting Phase of a Partition Case

The Difference Between a Receiver and a Partition Referee

Receivership over Historic Properties Protected Under the Mills Act

Liquor License Receiverships in California

The Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act

A Guide to California Post-Judgment Receiverships

Chino California Nuisance Property Receivership Project

How Did Griswold Law Address the Problems at Garden Grove Presidio Through the Receivership Remedy?

Community Approaches to Code Enforcement

Realistic Perspective and Expectations of Blight Reduction

After the Complaint: How to Get a Partition Referee Appointed (Part 2)

The Health and Safety Receivership Process

Partition Action: What Is It? (Part 1)

Important 2022 Law & Code Enforcement Changes in California

Nuisance Motels: Community Effects of Motel License Revocation

Ways to Encourage Support & Safety for Code Enforcement Officers

How a Receiver Addresses Co-Owner Disputes Over Rents & Profits of Investment Real Estate

Using Receivership Remedy to Hold Negligent Landlords Accountable

Addressing Animal Hoarding in Your Community

How Does a Receiver Relocate an Occupant?

Finding Support for People With Hoarding Problems

Partition Referee in a Family Dispute

When is Demolition the Right Choice?

Code Enforcement: Safety Issues

Appointment of Provisional Director

Crime & Abandoned Properties

How Post Judgment Receivership & Collection Works

Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors: A Remedy to Avoid Bankruptcy

How a Receivership Enforces Family Law & Divorce Judgments

A Growing Problem: Motel Crime at Struggling Properties

Dealing with Illegal Businesses in Retail Centers

Dealing with an Abandoned Property When the Owner Is Deceased

How Zoning Issues May Affect Community Safety in Your Neighborhood

Griswold Law: Court-Appointed Referees for Real Estate Partition Sale

Substandard Housing Affects Your Entire Community

Don’t Let a Partnership Dispute Destroy Your Business

How Hoarding Affects Property and Communities

Mitigate Fire Risk Conditions on Nuisance Properties

New COVID-19 Rules for California Property Inspections

How Receivers Can Stabilize Struggling Hospitality Assets

Health & Safety Receiverships: Rehabilitating Substandard Apartment Buildings

Partition Remedy: What is the process?

California Court-Appointed Receiver Richardson "Red" Griswold Oversees Large Demolition Project of Abandoned Substandard Commercial Business Park

California Health & Safety Receiverships: Recent Changes to Section 17980.7(c) Clarify the Pre-Petition Notice Requirements for Cities and Counties

Benefits of Receivership to Commercial Lenders

Excluded from Bankruptcy, Cannabis Industry Looks to Receivership

Health & Safety Receiverships: Addressing Abandoned Substandard Properties

Partition of Property in California: Appointing of a Partition Referee

Griswold Law: Receivership Services Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

Priority Funding: City of Sierra Madre v. Suntrust Mortgage, Inc.

Receivership: The Remedy for Failing Cannabis Businesses in California

What is a Health and Safety Receivership?

Receiver Richardson Griswold Appointed by Court to Take Control of Strip Mall

Health and Safety Receivership: Receiver’s Oath and Bond

Health and Safety Receivership Remedy for Commercial Properties

Receivership Remedy: Securing Vacant Properties

San Diego Utilizes Receivership Remedy After All Other Options Fail

Relocating Occupants During Rehabilitation

Receivership Remedy for Fire Damaged Properties

Health and Safety Receivership Remedy to Protect the Neighborhood

California Partition Remedy

California Health & Safety Receiverships: Teamwork with Law Enforcement/Fire Departments

California Health & Safety Receiverships: Collaboration with Guardian Ad Litems

Receivership Remedy for Abandoned Properties

Receivership Remedy for Substandard Motels

Receivership Remedy for Hoarding Properties

Rents and Profits Receivership

Post-Judgment Receiverships in California

Health & Safety Receivership for Animal Hoarding Properties

Receivership Remedy for Illegal Marijuana Dispensaries in California

Partition Remedy for Family Disputes

Who Can Appoint a Health & Safety Receiver in California?

Health & Safety Receivership Remedy for Commercial Properties

The Receivership Solution to Hoarding

Court-Appointed Partition Referee Richardson "Red" Griswold Finalizes Court-Authorized Sale of Downtown San Diego Luxury Condo Property

Richardson “Red” Griswold of Griswold Law Takes Control of Abandoned Banning Business Center As Court-Appointed Receiver

Helping a Veteran Live the Life He Deserves

Partition Referee Richardson "Red" Griswold Completes Court-Ordered Sale of Laguna Beach Property for $5.42M

Red Griswold's Successful Completion of San Diego Hoarder Receivership

Resolving Neighborhood Frustration for California Communities

CA Partition Referee: One Co-Owner wants their Name off the Mortgage

Crescent City Motel Receivership: Court of Appeal Affirms Appointment of Red Griswold

Red Griswold Featured on "Whissel Wednesdays" KCBQ 1170AM Radio Show

San Diego Hoarder Property under Control of Receiver Red Griswold

Red Griswold Radio Interview on KCBQ 1170 AM San Diego Regarding Role as Partition Referee and Receiver

Griswold Law Presents Donation to San Diego's Alpha Project

Hoarding in San Diego: A Real Concern

How a Partition Referee Aids the Sale of a Contested Property

Richardson "Red" Griswold Recently Moderated a Speaker Panel on Receiverships at San Diego County Bar Center

Health & Safety Code Receivership: Tenant Relocation Assistance

A Common Example of Need for a Partition Referee in California

Receiverships for Hoarding: Life-Threatening Conditions

How to Use the Health and Safety Code Receivership Remedy

What is a Court-Appointed Partition Referee?

Red Griswold Concludes Orange County Health & Safety Code Receivership

Griswold Law: 2013 Highlights

Hoarding: A Common Issue in Health & Safety Code Receiverships

Back in the Saddle: New Legal Articles

Employer Retaliaton against Employee: California Employment Law

Key Employment Laws in CA Regarding Employer/Employee Relationships

Sexual Harassment in the California Workplace

California Employment Law: Independent Contractor vs. Employee

How does a judgment turn into actual money?

The Trial is Over...You Won...The Defendant Has to Pay...Right??

Receivership: Remedy for Problem of Vacant Foreclosure Properties

Health & Safety Receivership: Abating Fire Hazards

Commercial Tenants May Be Required to Pay Rent to Bank when Landlord in Default

Receiver Richardson "Red" Griswold Concludes another Orange County Health & Safety Receivership

New Short Sale Law in California (SB 458): Secondary Lien-Holders Lose Rights

Tips for Entrepreneurs: Leasing a Commercial Space

Los Angeles and United States File Lawsuits Against Deutsche Bank Mortgage Subsidiary

Tips for Entrepreneurs: Doing Business Under a Fictitious Business Name

Partnership Agreements for California Partnerships

Complex Real Estate Market Leads to Increase in Legal Disputes

Tricks of the Trade, Part 2: Trade Secrets and Inevitable Disclosure in California

Tips for Entrepreneurs: Hiring Employees in California

Mortgage Defaults in San Diego County increase by 34% in April

Security Deposits, Part IV – Options if the landlord refuses to return the deposit

Types of California Business Partnerships– General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships & Limited Liability Partnerships

Trademark Protection for the Entrepreneur

Tricks of the Trade, Part 1: Avoiding Trade Secret Misappropriation Allegations

Entrepreneurs: Various Insurance Options available to Businesses

Security Deposits, Part III: The Return of the Security Deposit

California Law: Defining “Misappropriation” of a Trade Secret

Tips for New Entrepreneurs: Forming a Business Entity

Security Deposits, Part II – Requesting an Initial Move Out Inspection

Local Man May Lose Property Over Weed Abatement Dispute with San Diego County

Trade Secrets and California Law – Defining Trade Secrets

Security Deposits, Part I: Inspecting & Documenting the Rental Unit PRIOR to Move-In

The “Repair and Deduct” Remedy for Renters

The California Health & Safety Code Receivership Remedy: Not Just for Residential Properties!

CLASS ACTION NEWS – California Supreme Court holds that consumers have the right to keep their zip codes out of retailers’ databases

Money Judgment Collection: Real Property Liens

Confidentiality Agreements: Protecting Business Owners in San Diego

Common Pitfalls for San Diego Landlords in the Eviction Process: Accepting Partial Rent

Health & Safety Code Receivership Remedy: Help for Abandoned Properties

Money Judgment Collection: Bank Account Levy

Habitability Requirements for Leased Properties and Implied Warranty of Habitability

Common Pitfalls for San Diego Landlords in the Eviction Process: Unnamed Occupants

Money Judgment Collection: Wage Garnishment

Interpleader Actions: Potential for Resolving Real Estate Escrow Disputes

The California Health & Safety Code Receivership Remedy: Fighting Slumlords

Collecting money without judgment debtor asset information

Common Pitfalls for San Diego Landlords in the Eviction Process: Service Evasion

CA Health & Safety Code Receivership Remedy: Dealing with Hoarding

Unlawful Detainers: 3 Day Notice, 30 Day Notice or 60 Day Notice?

Receivership Remedy at National Vacant Properties Campaign Conference

Griswold Law Trademark Infringement Case Featured in San Diego Daily Transcript & Bloomberg News

Lawsuits In San Diego: When is Small Claims Court Appropriate? Do I Need an Attorney?

Avoiding Business Disputes: Should You Partner With Family Or Friends?

Litigation: Complaints, Answers, Discovery, Trials, and Judgments

Receivership Remedy for Run Down Properties Needed Now More Than Ever

Wrongful Foreclosure Action: Homeowners Have Powerful Remedy Against Sloppy Lenders

Independent Contractor vs. Employee: Misclassification Can Create Mess

California Commercial Leases: Should My Real Estate Attorney Review/Negotiate?

What is Your Employment Law Case Worth in San Diego, California?

Business Collections in San Diego: Focus on Marketing and Let Others Chase Down Unpaid Invoices

Don't Allow Your Customers' Inability to Pay Take Your Company Down

Senior Citizens: Common Victims of Consumer Fraud

Employee  Agreements: What are the Limits and Who Benefits?

California Employment Law: Non-Compete Clauses

California Employment Law: Severance Agreements...Sign or Don't Sign?

California Employment Discrimination: Legal or Illegal?

Wrongful Termination in Violation of Public Policy, Retaliation, Whistleblower Protection

California Employment Law: Full and Prompt Payment of Wages to Employees

California Supreme Court Makes it Easier for Employees to Bring PAGA Lawsuits

California Employment Law: Commissions Owed to Employees After Termination

California Employment Law: Unpaid Commissions for Sales Employees

Employment Law: Employee's Right to Access Personnel and Payroll Records

Health & Safety Receivership: A Powerful Tool in Today's Real Estate Market

Employee Claims Against Employer for Unreimbursed Business Expenses

Loan Modification: Relief Available for Struggling Homeowners

Business Collections: Unpaid Invoices, Breached Contracts and the Power of the Demand Letter

Business Collections: The Power of the Mechanic's Lien

Unpaid Invoices, Breached Contracts and the Statute of Limitations

Consider Small Claims Court for Unpaid Invoices, Delinquent Accounts, Breached Contracts

Collection of Business Debts: Tips for Businesses Looking to Protect and Maximize Revenue

Business Collections: Unpaid Invoices, Breached Contracts, Unenforced Judgments

Contract Disputes: Attorneys' Fees Clauses

California's Foreclosure Reform Law (SB 1137): Property Maintenance Requirements for Lenders

CA Foreclosure Reform Law (SB 1137): Loan Modifications Encouraged

Foreclosure Reform Law (SB 1137): Required Contact by Lenders before Filing Notice of Default

California's Foreclosure Reform Law (SB 1137) and its Effects on Lenders, Homeowners and Renters

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