Benefits of Receivership to Commercial Lenders

By Neil Sheaffer

California Health & Safety Receiverships: Collaboration with Guardian Ad Litems

Health and Safety Receivership actions often deal with homeowners who are packrats/hoarders, elderly, or mentally/physically disabled. These types of homeowners may not be able to properly maintain...

Receivership Remedy for Abandoned Properties

Receivership Remedy for Hoarding Properties


Rents and Profits Receivership

A Rents and Profits Receivership assists in the enforcement of a mortgage, deed of trust, or related assignment. A rents and profits receivership commonly occurs when a property owner defaults on a...

Post-Judgment Receivership's in California

Hooray a judgment as been entered! However, the battle is not over yet. Now the phase of enforcing and collecting on that judgment begins. In many cases, a judgement debtor will never willingly sat...


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