Receivership Remedy for Illegal Marijuana Dispensaries in California

In California, a Health and Safety Receivership is an effective option to resolve code enforcement issues with residential and commercial properties. Health and Safety Receiverships commonly deal with substandard or abandoned properties when property owners fail to comply with code enforcement or when there is a threat to the health and safety of residents or the surrounding community. While receivership may not initially sound like a resource for illegally-operating marijuana facilities, the illegal sale of marijuana likely constitutes a nuisance pursuant to the California health and safety code and can be a threat to the health and safety of the surrounding community and/or businesses. The Receivership Remedy can resolve complex issues that arise with rogue marijuana dispensaries as dispensaries become more and more common and the industry continues to inflate.

More liberal medical and recreational marijuana laws are being passed throughout the United States and the industry is only growing resulting in marijuana dispensaries sprouting up across the nation. Despite code enforcement’s best efforts, illegal marijuana dispensaries (i.e. operating in jurisdictions where they are prohibited or operating in a lawful jurisdiction but not following the local jurisdiction rules/laws) are increasing throughout California. The marijuana industry is primarily cash-based making security and safety a main concern for the surrounding area. The cash nature makes dispensaries targets for crime. A neutral third-party Receiver can be appointed when property owners or operators of marijuana dispensaries refuse to cooperate with city regulations. A receiver takes temporary control of the property and acts as an agent for the court to cease the illegal conduct and to bring the property into compliance.  A receiver protects and preserves the community by permanently closing problematic marijuana dispensaries that are operating illegally and that are a danger the community.

Richardson “Red” Griswold of Griswold Law, APC has been appointed by County Superior Courts within California to act as a Receiver to successfully shut down illegal marijuana dispensaries. To learn more about receiverships, please visit or contact the office at (858) 481-1300.

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