Sale of Nuisance Property: Procedure for Court-Ordered Receivership Sale

Receivers are often appointed by courts to revitalize and potentially oversee the sale of nuisance properties. What Is a Nuisance Property? Nuisance properties are those that are in some form of distress due to being neglected or abandoned. These properties often present health and safety concerns, code violations, and even neighborhood blight. Signs of a nuisance property can include: Abandonment Severe disrepair Dilapidation Safety code violations Criminal activity

How to Secure a Receiver for a Nuisance Property in CA

Nuisance properties are a problem across all communities–decreasing property values, increasing crime rates, and posing a risk to the health and safety of property occupants and others in the neighborhood.

How to Address a Nuisance Property

Dealing with a nuisance property can be incredibly frustrating and stressful. Court-appointed receivers are an incredible resource for individuals, businesses, and municipalities who need to address unsafe nuisance properties in their communities.

5 Signs a Nuisance Property is Appropriate for Receivership

A nuisance property is a problem for neighborhoods, including both the closest neighbors and the community as a whole.
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