What Does Receivership Mean?

A receiver is a court appointee who temporarily takes control of a property or company to stabilize it. Under the court’s authority, the receiver can be empowered to operate a business, investigate violations, negotiate terms, pursue remedies, sell assets, satisfy debts, and more.

The Difference Between a Receiver and a Partition Referee

Receivers and Partition Referees each play an important role in California’s court system. However, they don’t have the same responsibilities.

Chino California Nuisance Property Receivership Project

How did Richardson “Red” Griswold make the city of Chino safer through his work as a court-appointed receiver? It started when Mr. Griswold was appointed by the San Bernardino County Superior Court as receiver over a single-family home in a neighborhood within the City of Chino, pursuant to the California Health & Safety Code sections 11573.3(f)(2), 17980.7(c) and Code of Civil Procedure section 564(b)(3).

Realistic Perspective and Expectations of Blight Reduction

Regardless of how much you wish it could be true, there is no single solution to eliminate blight. Without a “magic potion” to resolve blight issues, many communities turn to the variety of strategies and tools that are available to them. By combining these resources, local civic leaders can craft a solution that meets their unique needs.

How Post Judgment Receivership & Collection Works

When you are focused on winning your lawsuit, it can be easy to forget about the challenge that comes after successful litigation: actually collecting on your judgment amount. Few things are more frustrating than winning a judgment but realizing that getting your money is going to be nearly impossible.

How a Receivership Enforces Family Law & Divorce Judgments

The legal circumstances surrounding divorce are rarely straightforward. When it comes time to divide assets between a divorcing couple, things get even more complicated. Emotions run high, and arguments are common. Even when a judge determines the next course of action, people don’t always want to cooperate.
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