Resolving Neighborhood Frustration for California Communities

A health and safety receiver is appointed by a court to address property conditions that are considered unsafe and/or unhealthy risks to the occupants and the surrounding neighbors and community. Many times, the issues center on the physical condition of the property itself. For example, faulty electrical wiring, a gas leak, or a fire hazard within a dwelling is an immediate threat to the safety of the property occupant and the neighborhood.  But other times, the threat arises from the "activity" at the property.  I am routinely appointed as a health and safety receiver to take control of residential properties that have become a nuisance to the neighborhood due to criminal activity (drug use and sales, storage and sale of stolen property, etc.), squatters, and disruptive conduct at the subject property.  In most cases, by time the city has filed their petition for the appointment of a health and safety receiver, the neighbors have suffered with these problems for years. After my appointment as the receiver, the initial focus is to restore control over the property, removing all unauthorized occupants from the property, and in most cases, securing the property so that I can proceed to the next phase of the receivership--rehabilitating the physical deficiencies at the property and making is a safe place for the occupants and the community.

There are always "human" issues to address in health and safety receiverships as well.  For that reason, a health and safety receiver must tackle each receivership with a comprehensive approach that considers the physical property issues, along with the management of the people involved with property--be it owners, tenants, squatters, or neighbors to have a successful outcome.

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