Health & Safety Receiverships: Addressing Abandoned Substandard Properties

Health & Safety Receiverships are a valuable tool to reestablish abandoned properties. There are countless vacant lots and abandoned structures across California with no apparent useful purpose. There are just as many countless explanations as to why these commercial and residential properties are abandoned. Abandonment can come at the hands of death (tenant or otherwise), a business or personal relationship gone sour, defunct or bankrupt owners, or simply by owner’s choice. Regardless, the deserted property will likely succumb to disrepair, and as a result, leave behind quite the eyesore for the surrounding community. Beyond the displeasing aesthetic, vacant properties also pose a rather significant danger to the health, safety and welfare of the neighborhood as a whole. Unsecured properties intrinsically create dangers ranging from the deteriorating structure itself to the higher crime rates tied to the vacant property. From a crime perspective, vacant properties often welcome trash dumping, graffiti, vandalism and trespassing. Further, threats arise from overgrown vegetation causing fire-hazards and vermin infestation spreading throughout the neighborhood affecting surrounding residents and businesses. Ultimately, conditions such as these result in neighborhood decline and a drop in surrounding property values. A court-appointed Health & Safety Receiver can provide the remedy abandoned properties and their surrounding neighbors truly need.

Municipalities often grapple with how to handle abandoned properties and may even deplete resources trying to manage grievances stemming from a particular property. Health & Safety Receiverships are a legal remedy that can revive abandoned properties and can eliminate further exhaustion of code enforcement or other city resources. A Receiver is appointed by the court and granted temporary control over the property to remedy all building and code violations. Depending on the situation, fencing may be installed and/or security patrols may be implemented to eliminate public access and ensure community safety.

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A Health & Safety Receiver can provide the long-desired solution to problematic abandoned properties. Receiver Richardson “Red” Griswold has been appointed by California courts over 120 times across 15 counties to act as a Receiver for substandard properties. For more information, please contact Griswold Law Receiverships.

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