Health & Safety Code Receivership: Tenant Relocation Assistance

Many times, a property under the control of a health and safety code receiver is occupied by tenants.  The substandard condition of the property may not be the fault of the property tenants.  This situation commonly arises when the property owner/landlord is non-responsive and failing to maintain the property in a safe and habitable condition.  Health and safety receiverships arise often in the context of rental properties (single-family homes or apartment buildings).

Health and Safety Code section 17980.7 addresses a receiver's ability to provide temporary tenant relocation assistance under certain circumstances.  Subsections (c)(6) and (d) authorize a health and safety receiver to provide relocation assistance funds to receivership property occupants if the condition of the property and/or the rehabilitation project render the property unsafe for occupancy.  Tenant relocation is typically temporary.  Once the subject property is rehabilitated, the tenants move back into the property.

Attorney Richardson “Red” Griswold is commonly appointed as a Health & Safety Code Receiver for dilapidated properties in California.  Please contact Griswold Law for more information about receiverships.

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