Common Pitfalls for San Diego Landlords in the Eviction Process: Service Evasion

Once a landlord finally realizes he or she needs to evict a tenant, they usually want it done QUICKLY! This is understandable, especially if the case involves a tenant who is not paying rent or is destroying the property.

Lawsuits In San Diego: When is Small Claims Court Appropriate? Do I Need an Attorney?

Small claims court can be a great option for individuals involved in disputes. While parties may instinctively seek to "lawyer up," getting lawyers involved may not make financial sense. I guess you could say this information goes against my business interests as a private attorney in San Diego...well, so be it.

Litigation: Complaints, Answers, Discovery, Trials, and Judgments

I am asked on a daily basis by potential clients, "how does a lawsuit work?" As I begin to explain the dry, meticulous, and laboring process...I am typically abruptly cut off with the next question, "how long does all that take?" In typical lawyerly fashion, my response is, "it depends."
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