Types of California Business Partnerships– General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships & Limited Liability Partnerships

In California, a business partnership can be created by a formal written contract filed in state records, or by something as simple as an oral agreement. The different types of partnerships have different requirements.

Tips for New Entrepreneurs: Forming a Business Entity

Entrepreneurs opening up a new business will quickly run into the challenges that face small business owners on a daily basis. The Griswold Law Blog will be posting a series of articles intended to address some of the obstacles that come along with running your own business.

Avoiding Business Disputes: Should You Partner With Family Or Friends?

It is natural to partner up with friends and family for a business venture. These are the people with which you most often socialize and share ideas. Also, these are the people you trust. Going into business with family and/or friends is perfectly okay--as long as you remember it is "business."
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