Unlawful Detainers: 3 Day Notice, 30 Day Notice or 60 Day Notice?

As discussed in my recent blog article about the San Diego eviction process, the first step in evicting a tenant is issuing the appropriate notice. The most common notices are the 3 Day Notice, the 30 Day Notice and the 60 Day Notice.

Lawsuits In San Diego: When is Small Claims Court Appropriate? Do I Need an Attorney?

Small claims court can be a great option for individuals involved in disputes. While parties may instinctively seek to "lawyer up," getting lawyers involved may not make financial sense. I guess you could say this information goes against my business interests as a private attorney in San Diego...well, so be it.

Avoiding Business Disputes: Should You Partner With Family Or Friends?

It is natural to partner up with friends and family for a business venture. These are the people with which you most often socialize and share ideas. Also, these are the people you trust. Going into business with family and/or friends is perfectly okay--as long as you remember it is "business."
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