How Did Griswold Law Address the Problems at Garden Grove Presidio Through the Receivership Remedy?

When Richardson “Red” Griswold was court-appointed to be the receiver over a dilapidated and vacant single-family home in Garden Grove, the property had been the subject of citizen complaints and code violations for years.

The violations were based on the failure of the owners to maintain the structure and keep it safe. It was also being used to store debris, and an enclosed patio had been built without permits. Evidence of trespassing demonstrated that the abandoned property was a community safety risk. 

We recently put together a video that explains Griswold Law’s role in restoring the property on behalf of the court. This work included repairing windows, replacing the plumbing and clearing the property of junk, trash, and pests. 

Watch this video below to learn about the rehabilitation project on this property in the City of Garden Grove, made possible by the receivership remedy.


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