Griswold Law: Receivership Services Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

At the time of writing this post, the number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the United States is rising. The World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared a pandemic. The Governor of California issued a “Stay-at-Home” Order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus by limiting non-essential activity. The courts in California are generally closed to the public. Being engulfed in the receivership industry, we have extensive experience with unsafe and unsanitary living conditions. Griswold Law often deals with properties that pose significant health and safety risks to communities across California.  However, the COVID-19 outbreak is the first public health emergency that caused California to quarantine itself. Griswold Law is adapting as quickly as possible to these changing circumstances.

Griswold Law has implemented a variety of preventative safety measures to ensure safe and seamless delivery of receivership services throughout California.  As a Court-Appointed Receiver ordered to control and safeguard California properties, our work is considered a critical and essential service.  Our essential receivership functions will continue, including scheduled telephonic court appearances that have not been postponed by the Court, and court-approved rehabilitation plans. Griswold Law remains in control of all properties under our court-ordered supervision and will continue to maintain its obligations to oversee such properties. We are taking active measures to protect our staff and receivership properties by teleworking and social distancing. Griswold Law conducted a professional sanitation cleaning of its physical office and has mandated twice-daily sanitization of high-touch areas and personal workspaces. We are working closely with county and city officials to achieve compliance at active problem properties while maintaining a safe work environment for all.

Griswold Law will continue to protect the health and safety of the communities we serve throughout California. We are available at any time to discuss our role during these difficult times and will continue to assist in maintaining the health and safety of our community.

Receiver Richardson “Red” Griswold has been appointed by California courts over 100 times across 13 counties to act as a Receiver for substandard properties and failing businesses. For more information, please contact Griswold Law, APC at (858) 481-1300 or

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