Health & Safety Receivership for Animal Hoarding Properties

A Health and Safety Receivership can successfully rehabilitate distressed properties within a community. A receiver can be appointed by the court to manage the renovation of properties that have been seriously neglected by property owners. A receivership is very effective to bring a property into compliance with code enforcement and the city while also providing residents and neighborhoods safety and security. Receivership actions oftentimes deal with extreme hoarding and/or contaminated living conditions unsafe to the community. Receivers may face challenges specifically when dealing with animal hoarding property owners. In these cases, teamwork is key to bring the property into compliance and guide the property owner to the services they may need.

Animal hoarding is a sensitive and multifaceted mental-health issue that affects the health, safety and welfare of animals, tenants, and surrounding community. Animal hoarding transpires when a property owner is living with more animals than the property owner can adequately attend to. The hoarded animals are deprived of basic needs such as proper nutrition, shelter, socialization, sanitation, and veterinary attention. Animal hoarding creates dirty, crowded, and unsanitary conditions unlivable for humans or animals. The residence is usually contaminated with animal feces and urine which produces dangerous levels of ammonia. Hoarders often restrain animals to small cages stacked on each other, overlooking the animal’s physical needs. Infectious illnesses, fleas, worms, and mites spread rapidly in cramped conditions and animals often die from malnourishment and dehydration.

A court appointed Receiver has the authority to refer proper enforcement action for animal cruelty violations to protect and insure the humane treatment of animals. A receiver of animal hoarding properties must tackle the concerns of the animals and public while also bringing the property into a livable condition. This requires cooperation and coordination from code enforcement, the city, the property owner, the court, and especially animal control to prevent animal abuse and further community deterioration.

A Receiver can be the solution to animal hoarding problems. Richardson “Red” Griswold of Griswold Law, APC has been appointed by California Courts to act as a Receiver for animal hoarding properties. To learn more about receiverships, please visit or contact the office at (858) 481-1300.

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