Hoarding in San Diego: A Real Concern

As I have written about consistently in this blog (and experienced on a daily basis in my role as a health and safety receiver), hoarding is a serious problem that affects people, neighborhoods and properties.  And unfortunately, the hoarding disorder is typically under-served and misunderstood.

However, I am pleased to know that the County of San Diego continues to take steps to address hoarding as a significant issue in our communities.  I recently joined the San Diego Hoarding Collaborative (SDHC).  I attended my first member meeting earlier this month and was thrilled to see the communication, engagement and participation across a wide variety of agencies, support groups and concerned individuals focused on improving the understanding, response and treatment of individuals affected by the hoarding disorder.  A great group that I look forward to collaborating with for years to come!

Richardson "Red" Griswold acts as a court-appointed health and safety receiver pursuant to California's Health & Safety Code section 17980.7 across the State of California and routinely deals with the affects of severe hoarding.  Feel free to contact us to learn more about the health and safety receivership remedy in California.

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