Receiver Richardson "Red" Griswold Concludes another Orange County Health & Safety Receivership

Richardson "Red" Griswold of Griswold Law was nominated by an Orange County city, and appointed by the Superior Court judge under CA Health & Safety Code section 17980, et seq., to act as a receiver over a single family home that had fallen into serious disrepair with multiple and severe health and safety, building, and other municipal code violations.

Upon appointment, Mr. Griswold inspected the property with a licensed contractor, removed and relocated the occupants of the property due to safety concerns, and secured the property as the rehabilitation project prepared to begin.  A receivership budget was created, accounting for construction costs, occupant relocation costs, receivership fees and expenses, and property expenses.  After securing financing, the construction project began.

Once all code violations had been corrected and the structure was deemed safe and habitable, the owner was moved back into the property and the neighborhood and safety concerns were resolved.

Attorney Richardson “Red” Griswold is commonly appointed as a Health & Safety Code Receiver for dilapidated properties in Southern California. Mr. Griswold also acts as the Director of the California Receivership Group, LLC, San Diego Division. Please contact Griswold Law at (858) 481-1300 or for more information about receiverships.

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