Using a City Receivership Program for an Abandoned Property

It is in the best interest of every municipality in California to address the blighted, abandoned, and dangerous properties that damage property values and create risks for the entire community. This is where a city receivership program comes in and can be highly beneficial for improving such situations.

California Health & Safety Receiverships:  Section 17980.7(c)  What Your Need to Know about the Pre-Petition Notice Requirements for Cities and Counties

For years, California’s cities and counties have faced a conundrum when attempting to have a receiver appointed for substandard properties. Previously, the California Health and Safety Code § 17980.7(c) required an enforcement agency to provide a “3 Day Notice” to any property owner that they were going to petition the court for the appointment of a receiver.

How to Secure a Receiver for a Nuisance Property in CA

Nuisance properties are a problem across all communities–decreasing property values, increasing crime rates, and posing a risk to the health and safety of property occupants and others in the neighborhood.

A Deeper Look at What Happens during Receiverships in California

It’s one thing to know that court-appointed receivers are an important resource that the courts can use to address abandoned, blighted, and dangerous properties in the community. It’s another to understand how that happens.

California Abandoned Property Laws and Strategies (Updated for 2024)

Abandoned properties don’t resolve themselves. California has several laws governing the management of distressed properties, including the role that court-appointed receivers can play in the rehabilitation of such properties. A court-appointed receiver is a neutral third party whose role it is to manage real property that is in distress or disputed between multiple parties.

What are the Duties of a Health and Safety Receiver in California?

California Health and Safety Code § 17980.7(c) permits a judge to appoint a health and safety receiver in circumstances that warrant it. Specifically, the health and safety receivership remedy allows a receiver to take over real property that has become unsafe or hazardous due to abandonment, code violations, hoarding, illegal conversions, etc.
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