How to Mitigate Vacant Building Fire Risk at Nuisance Properties

The foreclosure crisis that affected the entire nation during the economic downturn of 2007-2009 created another crisis: an urban landscape filled with vacant and abandoned properties. While residential properties were empty because of foreclosures, commercial properties were abandoned because of the economic struggles of business owners. This, of course, raised the risk of vacant building fires.

Selling a Receivership Property “As-Is”

Most people view an “as-is” real estate sale with some caution and pragmatism. There is definitely a “buyer beware” attitude about as-is sales because buyers are left wondering why the property can’t be sold in a traditional manner. This is true for any as-is property, including those categorized as a receivership property.

How the Receivership Remedy for Commercial Properties Helped This CA City

For nearly a decade, the City of Banning, CA had to endure the challenges brought on by six unfinished commercial buildings spread over 9 acres of land located just off the 10 Freeway.

Sale of Nuisance Property: Procedure for Court-Ordered Receivership Sale

Receivers are often appointed by courts to revitalize and potentially oversee the sale of nuisance properties. What Is a Nuisance Property? Nuisance properties are those that are in some form of distress due to being neglected or abandoned. These properties often present health and safety concerns, code violations, and even neighborhood blight. Signs of a nuisance property can include: Abandonment Severe disrepair Dilapidation Safety code violations Criminal activity

What is a Court-Appointed Partition Referee?

Court-Appointed Partition Referees and Post-Judgment Receiverships Business relationships sour, married couples split up, and family members can’t agree on what to do about a property they share. When these situations can’t be resolved through other means, the courts may appoint a partition referee.

Using a City Receivership Program for an Abandoned Property

It is in the best interest of every municipality in California to address the blighted, abandoned, and dangerous properties that damage property values and create risks for the entire community. This is where a city receivership program comes in and can be highly beneficial for improving such situations.
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