Sexual Harassment in the California Workplace

Unfortunately, sexual harassment remains prevalent in workplaces across California.  Bringing an action against an employer/supervisor based on harassing conduct typically comes in two forms:

1) Sexual Harassment causing hostile/abusive work environment

2) Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

Both theories are founded on inappropriate sexual comments, advances, or conduct, but have certain distinctions.  "Quid pro quo" claims allege that certain job benefits were conditioned on the victim's acceptance of the sexual advances, comments, or conduct.  However, with hostile work environment sexual harassment claims, the victim is simply claiming that he/she suffered pervasive or severe sexual harassment causing the existence of a hostile or abusive work environment.

In such sexual harassment actions, the available damages typically include economic damages (i.e. loss of past and/or future earnings), non-economic damages (humiliation, embarrassment, emotional distress), punitive damages, and in most cases, reimbursement of attorneys fees based on California's Fair Employment & Housing Act (FEHA).

Richardson "Red" Griswold of Griswold Law, APC handles sexual harassment matters on behalf of victimized employees.  To speak with Mr. Griswold, feel free to email him at or call the office at 858.481.1300.

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