California Commercial Leases: Should My Real Estate Attorney Review/Negotiate?

Whether you are obtaining new commercial lease space, have available commercial space to lease, or are approaching a lease renewal negotiation, Griswold Law can help.

As a licensed California real estate broker and attorney, I will approach your real estate transaction with a “real world” business approach, while maintaining a focus on the legal intricacies involved in commercial leases. Commercial leases can exist for five, ten, twenty or more years. One overlooked lease provision can cost landlords or tenants a significant amount of money and considerably affect one’s legal protections under the lease.

Hiring an attorney with a real estate background can save money in the long run and hopefully prevent disputes for the life of the lease.  At Griswold Law, we offer experienced and knowledgeable commercial lease negotiation and review.

Commercial leases are typically drafted by attorneys in the first place. It makes sense to have an attorney review the subject lease before entering into it. For more information, please contact Richardson “Red” Griswold of Griswold Law.

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